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Current Employment Opportunities at L&G Law Group

We are currently hiring for the following positions.  The full posting for each position is listed below:

  • No positions currently available

If you are interested and qualified for any of these positons, please submit your resume and salary requirements to Sue at  Also, include the position title on the subject line and it is a good idea for you to mention your name in the cover email as well.

L&G Law Group aims to bring together a range of talents and skills of people who strive to work toward a common goal.  Building a diverse workforce is smart business.  Different backgrounds and perspectives lead to a variety of ideas, knowledge, and ways of doing things.  By employing staff from various social and cultural backgrounds, we widen the range of perspectives, knowledge, and approaches from which decisions are made.   Diversity and Inclusion permits us to understand and appreciate the differences of people from diverse perspectives.  It is essential that we create an atmosphere that supports positive relationships and communications in which we can all grow and learn from each other.  We are improving our own diversity and inclusion practices and are committed to doing everything possible to create the best environment for all of our employees by valuing and creating a fair and inclusive place to work.

Every employee should feel comfortable in our workplace, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.  L&G Law Group is committed to creating and maintaining an open and supportive work atmosphere. This includes equal opportunity for development and advancement within the firm regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and the equal provision of benefits to same and opposite sex partners or spouses.

Christopher Cahill Moderated WestLegalEdcenter Webinar

On April 2, 2020, Christopher Cahill moderated “ESOPs – 101,” a Financial Poise and WestLegalEdcenter webinar. The panelists were Chris Mellen of Valuation Research Corporation, Lee Eisenstaedt of Leading with Courage Academy, and Alan Kandel of Husch Blackwell LLP. ESOP is an acronym of “employee stock ownership plan,” which is a kind of retirement plan which can accomplish many business and financial objectives of owners and key employees, as well as retirement planning objectives of all employees. ESOPs are regulated by the US Department of Labor and are subject to ERISA.

HIPAA Alert: Updated Guidance from HHS Re: Disclosure of COVID-19 Status to First Responders

Today the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued guidance on the disclosure of the COVID-19 status of a patient to law enforcement, paramedics, other first responders and public health authorities.

In the guidance, the OCR recognizes that due to the current national public health emergency, first responders need access to real time infection information to both treat their patients and protect themselves. As such, the guidance clarifies that institutions may disclose PHI without a patient’s authorization in those circumstances. However, the OCR reminds practitioners and institutions that they must make reasonable efforts to limit the information disclosed to the “minimum necessary” to accomplish the purpose of the disclosure.

A Christopher Cahill-moderated webinar series — “The Start-Up / Small Business Advisor 2019” – is now available on-demand

Episode #1: The Very Basics – Forming the Business

Episode #2: Raising Capital: Negotiating with Potential Investors

Episode #3: HR-101: Finding, Negotiating With & Retaining Potential Hires

Episode #4: What Every Founder/Entrepreneur Must Know

This series premiered live on West LegalEdCenter and remains available there on-demand as well. Purchasing a webinar on West LegalEd Center is generally easy and inexpensive for attorneys and accountants since so many firms have “all you can eat” plans with West. For the rest of us, including business owners, executives, private fund professionals, high net worth investors, and other potential clients, FP/WestLegalEdCenter webinars are available directly on the Financial Poise website for $19.99 (with an additional discount if the entire series is purchased).

Christopher Cahill is Executive Editor of Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation 2nd Edition

Cook County Health Foundation Christopher Cahill is Executive Editor of the recently released Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation, 2d Edition (Jonathan P. Friedland, Elizabeth Vandesteeg & Christopher M. Cahill eds., 2020). This treatise is comprehensive and annually updated. Chris has served as in this capacity since 2014. The book is available for purchase here.

Chris and Lars Peterson are co-authors of the treatise’s Chapter 7, on asset sales in bankruptcy, entitled “Litigation Concerning the Use, Sale, or Lease of Estate Property Other Than Cash Collateral.”

Christopher Cahill moderates EBITDA webinar

Christopher Cahill moderated “EBITDA and Other Scary Words,” a live webinar co-produced by Financial Poise and WestLegalEdCenter. The panelists were John Levitske of Ankura Consulting Group, Biff Ruttenburg of Atlas Partners, LLC, and Lee Gould of Gould & Pakter Associates, LLC.