Appellate Practice


Appellate Practice

L&G Law Group regularly represents clients in courts of review in state and federal court, not only in Illinois, but in numerous other jurisdictions. We have argued cases at every level of review in Illinois and in nearly every circuit of the United States Court of Appeals. Many of our attorneys have served as judicial law clerks for appellate courts, including the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

The Appellate Practice department at L&G Law Group is particularly strong because many of our appellate lawyers also have substantial trial court experience as well. As a result, we have a deep understanding of the life of a case from inception through appeal, and the consequences and impact that various steps and strategies at the trial level may have on an ultimate appeal. We counsel and advise clients in the trial and post-trial stages very carefully to ensure the most effective development of the record and preservation of trial court error, and to prepare and implement a comprehensive appellate strategy.

This practice requires a particular concentration of skills. Decisions turn on detailed analysis of the case, thorough research and study, strategy and innovative thought, persuasive writing, effective oral argument, and meticulous application of technical procedure. These are areas of mastery for L&G Law Group appellate attorneys.

  • G. Haberkorn
  • M. McManaman
  • J. Rose
  • D. O'Brien Daly
  • S. Berman
  • P. Gellen
  • B. Orr
  • R. Manion
  • A. Stochel
  • A. Brochmann