Long Term Care


Long Term Care

Our long term care and skilled nursing facility attorneys have proven to be the innovators in the defense of liability theories in this field, the enforcement of arbitration agreements, and our understanding of the complex interaction of the aging process and a patient’s comorbid medical conditions. Our experience and skill in alternative dispute resolution, supported by our exceptional trial skills, makes our team effective in the expeditious and economical resolution of cases. Our reputation among our peers and competitors sets us apart from others in the field. We refuse to view any case as generic or routine and from the commencement of file handling tell the story of the resident and the facility and the fact that long term care is a partnership among numerous stakeholders with a common goal of providing residents with respect and dignity while recognizing the limitations of medical care at the advanced stages of life.

We are well-versed in the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, OBRA and related regulations. We are cognizant of the interrelationships between standard negligence claims, medical malpractice claims and the unique requirements and regulations that apply to the long term care environment. Our experience includes representation of one of the largest long term care providers in the nation and we can frequently be found speaking on health care topics, including those affecting the long term care industry. We are committed to our professional development in this area so that we can represent our clients with the latest information and resources available on issues such as wound development, care and prevention, fall risk reduction, and dementia care.

While always prepared to defend cases assigned to us through trial, we are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution in the long term care field. We encounter the top litigators for the plaintiffs’ bar in this area on a daily basis and study the theories and techniques used by the leading nursing home litigation firms across the country. Our experience, combined with our trial skills, allows us to obtain the most cost-effective resolutions for claims that we are handling. We also have the ability within our team to provide guardianship services to assist our clients in protecting the best interests and health of residents.

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