Successful Defense of Shoulder Dystocia/ERB’s Palsy Birth Injury

L&G Law Group , LLP partners Pamela L. Gellen and Scott R. Wolfe recently represented a Chicago area hospital and its nurses who were alleged to have mismanaged a labor and delivery when a baby became stuck in the birth canal, a shoulder dystocia. The result of the birth was a full term baby girl with a nerve injury to her arm and hand resulting in a severe, permanent disability, an Erb’s palsy. Extensive and thorough pre-trial preparation by the firm on behalf of the hospital and its nursing staff, and strong expert witnesses retained by the firm enabled Pam and Scott to establish that the hospital and its staff were not responsible for the girl’s injuries and condition. After years of work up by a well respected and nationally recognized plaintiff’s firm, the plaintiff and her counsel elected to dismiss the case before trial. For more information regarding the case or for more general information on the medical malpractice and liability practice of the firm, please contact Scott R. Wolfe at (312) 456-2709 or