Dismissal of Doctors in Surgical Burn Lawsuit

L&G Law Group , LLP has obtained a dismissal of its clients from a lawsuit concerning burns sustained during a surgery. In the case, a 50-year-old woman was having a non-cancerous cyst removed from her pelvis. The surgery utilized an electric knife that simultaneously cuts tissues and cauterizes bleeding vessels. The knife requires a grounding pad to prevent electrical burns to the patient. Following the surgery the patient was found to have third degree electrical burns over her abdomen requiring skin grafts likely due to the grounding pad being improperly placed. Attorney Scott R. Wolfe represented the physicians in the surgery. Through careful preparation and deposition testimony, the plaintiff was convinced by Scott that the physicians had nothing to with placing the grounding pad and the physicians were dismissed shortly following their depositions with no settlement or other payment on their behalf. The case remains pending against the hospital and the manufacturer of the equipment, who are not represented by L&G Law Group . For more information on the case or for general information regarding L&G Law Group ’s professional malpractice group or general liability practice please contact Scott R. Wolfe at (312) 456-2709 or swolfe@lgcounsel.com.