L&G Law Group Provides Presentation for Client

At the invitation of one of L&G Law Group ’s clients, one of the world’s largest manufacturers, processors and distributors of steel products and services, attorneys Gerald Haberkorn, Robert Leavitt and Simon Hill made a presentation on the U.S. law respecting the sale of goods to an audience of over 50 of the client’s sales and trading personnel.

Topics included the history and background of the Uniform Commercial Code, the formation of contracts (e.g., offer and acceptance), the “battle of the forms”, the UCC’s gap-filler provisions, warranties, breaches of contract and the parties’ rights and remedies.

The all-day session consisted of lectures, lively discussions, and small group breakout sessions with hypothetical scenerios and real-life, client based examples.

In attendance was the client’s Head of Legal, who, afterwards commented that Jerry, Bob and Simon’s presentation was exactly what they wanted, interesting, informative and quite useful. She expects this will greatly assist them in improving their contracting process and in avoiding significant liability down the road. She intends to incorporate the presentation into their web-based educational series.

If you are interested in arranging a similar presentation for your staff please contact Gerald Haberkorn directly at 312.456.2701 or geraldh@lgcounsel.com.