L&G Law Group LLP Offers Continuing Education Seminars to Hospital Client

L&G Law Group has a tradition of providing continuing education seminars to hospital clients. Recently, Ms. Megan DeZutti has continued this tradition by presenting continuing education seminars for nurses at Loyola Gottlieb Memorial Hospital and Ingalls Memorial Hospital. In the Spring of 2011, Ms. DeZutti presented three seminars for nurses from all hospital departments at Gottlieb Loyola Medical Center and was asked to return in November to speak to surgical staff on the JHCOA “time out” requirements to prevent medical mistakes during surgery. In the Fall of 2011, Ms. DeZutti presented a seminar for Ingalls Memorial Hospital which was video-taped in order to provide education for new nurses during their orientation. These seminars have included topics ranging from general medical liability, electronic and paper charting, chain-of-command, communication, and medication errors. Ms. DeZutti has also lectured residents from UIC Hospital during monthly grand rounds.