Congratulations to Bob Smith on his 20th not guilty verdict in a row

Bob tried the case with Megan DeZuitti second  chairing, in May of 2013. The case was tried before Judge Sulganik. Plaintiff alleged negligence and lack of informed consent against Dr. Thandi, a 2nd year family practice resident who was managing the pregnancy of Mrs. Calcagno. Plaintiff alleged she should have been induced at 41-42 weeks, and that Dr. Thandi entered the wrong due date from the ultrasound. The pregnancy progressed to 42+ weeks before delivery.  The baby had meconium aspiration at birth, requiring transfer and a 3-week admission at Children’s Memorial. Plaintiff sought 250k for medical bills and unspecified sum for pain and suffering, and loss of a normal life. Defendants maintained “normal” labor began the same time as the induction advocated by the plaintiff, that all care was supervised by an attending, and meconium aspiration can occur to any infant. For more information contact Robert Smith or Megan DeZutti.