L&G Arizona Successful in Dismissing ADA Lawsuit by Notorious Plaintiff

L&G Law Group LLP is proud to announce its recent success in securing a dismissal of an ADA lawsuit filed by Theresa Brooke.

Theresa Brooke and her counsel, Peter Strojnik, have filed hundreds of ADA lawsuits against hotels located throughout the western United States. Theresa Brooke’s lawsuits range from “pool lift” lawsuits, to physical barrier lawsuits, to website room reservation accessibility lawsuits. Theresa Brooke’s lawsuits typically ask the court to enforce an injunction against the hotel (requiring the hotel to fix the alleged deficiency) and also award her attorney’s fees. Many hotels appear to quickly settle these lawsuits. Quick settlement, however, can be potentially problematic for entities that operate multiple hotels and may encourage additional lawsuits.

If you are a hotel operator and you have received an ADA lawsuit, you should contact an experienced ADA defense attorney. L&G Law Group ’s Arizona based lawyers are available to assist and defend ADA lawsuits.