Arizona Legal Update: Frequent Litigator AID Shut Down by Arizona Attorney General

The Arizona Attorney General recently settled a lawsuit against Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities (AID), related to disability lawsuits filed against numerous businesses. AID is responsible for filing over 1,700 ADA related lawsuits. As part of the settlement, AID is prohibited from filing any new lawsuit in Arizona courts that allege violations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

AID is just one of the group of attorneys responsible for filing numerous ADA lawsuits in Arizona. In the last few months alone, numerous ADA lawsuits have been filed in Arizona courts against hotels for allegations that range from websites that do not offer ADA compliant rooms, to hotels that do not offer ADA compliant pool lifts, to physical barriers that are not ADA compliant.

This settlement with AID is a major development for Arizona businesses and business owners, as well as out of state business that previously could have been (and have been) sued in Arizona courts.

If you or your business are facing an ADA claim or lawsuit, please feel free to contact the Arizona based lawyers at L&G Law Group for assistance.