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Enforceability of Intercreditor Agreements in Bankruptcy – presented by Christopher Cahill

Christopher Cahill will present on the enforceability of intercreditor agreements in bankruptcy at the 2019 CBA Commercial Bankruptcy Seminar, to take place on November 12, 2019. Intercreditor agreements modify pre-existing priority rankings of the respective claims of secured creditors, and usually cabin the junior creditor’s rights and remedies against the debtor. What drafting pitfalls can be avoided (or engineered)? Will a well-drafted intercreditor agreement be enforced against the junior creditor by a bankruptcy court, in the face of some possibly overriding law or policy? And does the bankruptcy court have jurisdiction to enter a final order on a dispute?

LG Attorneys Successful in Dismissing Federal S.1983/1985 Claims in Case involving DCFS

LG attorneys Lee Williams, Kevin Clancy and Anne Brochmann recently were able to secure a with prejudice dismissal of a lawsuit in the Northern District of Illinois alleging that a Hospital, physician, and licensed social worker “conspired to deprive” and “deprived” plaintiffs of their civil rights during a DCFS investigation and Juvenile Court proceedings. The lawsuit arose out of the death of a minor and the subsequent removal of the minor’s siblings from their parents’ custody. Although the Hospital, physician, and licensed social worker, as private actors, were not immunized for participating in DCFS investigations under federal law, the Northern District agreed with LG’s attorneys that the Federal claim against LG’s clients under Sections 1983 and 1985(3) should be dismissed.

LG Welcomes Immigration Specialist Samera Ludwig

LG welcomes one of our newest attorneys, immigration law specialist Samera Ludwig. Samera Ludwig

With Samera joining our team, we now offer a full complement of immigration law services, with a primary focus on counseling employers on immigration strategies. LG can assist with the hiring of prospective foreign employees and can guide our clients through the entire immigration life cycle, from I-9’s to work visas, permanent residency, and citizenship.

With Samera, LG now represents a range of diverse clients including multinational corporations, universities, hospitals, medical centers, churches and other professional organizations in immigration services. We assist our clients navigate the “alphabet soup” of visas, including B-visas (business), E-1 and E-2 (treaty trader and investor), E-3 (specialty occupation), H-1B (specialty occupation), H-3 (trainee), L (intracompany transfers of executives & managers), O (persons of extraordinary ability, P (athletes and trainers), R (religious workers) and TN (professionals from Canada and Mexico).

To find out more, contact Samera or LG directly and ask for our immigration practice group.

LG’s Sanford Stein Testifies in Brazil

LG cannabis law specialist Sanford Stein recently testified in front of the Brazilian House of Representatives Committee on Health Care. LG Stein Photo - Brazil 2 The Committee is currently conducting hearings on a national medical cannabis law, and Stein expects to return soon for continued detailed discussions and to assist with drafting national cannabis legislation for Brazil.

Contact us or Sandy directly at LG and ask for our cannabis law team if you have any questions.

Fifty years ago this month, the Stonewall Riots served as a pivotal catalyst for a new generation of political activism in the gay rights arena. In celebration of Pride Month and in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, L&G invites you to join in the festivities as we “Take Pride In Our Diversity.” We are thrilled to be hosting media icon and gay rights activist Tracy Baim as a guest speaker on June 18, 2019 at 3:30 p.m., immediately followed by a celebratory reception (yes we will have delicious rainbow cake). Please RSVP to Natalia Griesbach at

L&G’s Jerry Haberkorn Supports El Hogar del Nino

elhogar3On June 07, 2019, El Hogar del Nino hosted a special ribbon-cutting ceremony on the opening of their new gross motor room. Many honored guests were present during the special ribbon-cutting ceremony, including L&G Law Group ’s Gerald Haberkorn.

The new gross motor room was made possible by the Carl R. Hendrickson Family Foundation and will support the physical development of the toddlers enrolled in their organization.

El Hogar Del Nino (“the home of the child”), has been an active nonprofit organization since 1972 when it was started by a group of Pilsen mothers who were in need of child care due to the increase of households becoming dual-income. Gathering together, the devoted parents opened the first bilingual and affordable daycare in the community. The organization has provided early educational learning and access to family resources for hundreds of families in Pilsen and Little Village.

Curiosity Killed the Cat, and Can Get Employees Fired: HIPAA Privacy Alert

Any time a patient is a public figure or when any patient is in the news, healthcare institutions across the nation face the challenge of keeping that patient’s information private, as required under HIPAA for all patients. While it may be obvious that staff are not to release any information to unauthorized outside individuals, HIPAA also mandates that reasonable safeguards be implemented to limit the number of internal staff who have access to a patient’s information to the “minimum necessary.” Whether a staff member’s access is necessary to carry out treatment, payment for that treatment, or other healthcare operations must be considered.

HIPAA requires healthcare institutions to have policies in place which address the unauthorized access of a patient’s medical records, requires the institutions to train staff regarding the policies, and that those institutions enforce their policies.

REMINDER: When a Patient is a Public Figure or the Patient is in the News:
– HIPAA still applies;
– Healthcare institutions must have policies in place addressing unauthorized access or disclosure, even internally;
– Medical providers and staff must continue to follow HIPAA and adhere to the institution’s privacy policies; and
– Healthcare institutions must continue to enforce their policies.

If you or your institution has any questions, please contact our HIPAA Compliance Officer, Kristin Ahmadian, at L&G Law Group LLP at (312)628-7869.