Medical Malpractice Defense


Medical Malpractice Defense

From the time of the firm’s inception, L&G Law Group has represented hospitals and healthcare professionals in litigation, credentialing, and before professional licensing agencies.

The firm is proud of its long-standing relationships with a number of clients, and has defended cases in virtually every field of medicine, including many catastrophic injury and death cases.

Most of our medical malpractice attorneys devote themselves exclusively to the practice of medical malpractice. As a result, we not only understand the business of the medical world and how it functions, but we have extensive medical knowledge. Because of that, we are able to quickly understand the issues in medical malpractice lawsuits and find the best approach to defending or resolving lawsuits.

The medical malpractice defense attorneys at L&G Law Group understand that being sued for medical malpractice can be devastating to health care professionals. We regard a big part of our job as being sensitive to that and helping to reduce the stress of litigation.

We have extensive experience in medical malpractice defense. We have represented physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, physician groups, nurses, nurse midwives, mental health institutions, psychiatrists, psychologists, osteopaths, dentists and chiropractors. We also have a comprehensive expert data base. We have litigated, negotiated, mediated and settled hundreds of case over the years. Because of that, we are well known and respected in the world of medical malpractice attorneys. We have well established reputations for aggressively defending health care professionals and institutions.